The CoastWatch Utilities is a set of software tools for analyzing, converting, and viewing CoastWatch satellite image data files.  CoastWatch is a US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) program that provides global coverage oceanographic satellite imagery in near-real time (within several hours of data capture) using data from weather and research satellites.  Terrenus was the original developer for the CoastWatch Utilities.  Visit the CoastWatch software page to download the latest official release or developer prerelease.  See the Terrenus Earth Sciences YouTube channel for tutorials and presentations on the CoastWatch Utilities.
The CoastWatch Utilities
The Terrenus HRPT (High Resolution Picture Transmission) ingestor software is used for processing level 0 HRPT/CHRPT captured at a receiving station.  The software extracts the AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) or MVISR (Multichannel Visible and Infrared Scan Radiometer) sensor data, performs thermal channel calibration, computes earth locations and scan angles, and writes an HDF or NetCDF file.  The output may be used with the CoastWatch Utilities, or with third-party software such as IDL/ENVI or Matlab to compute level 2 products.  The package is released under the GNU General Public License with full source code:

  1. hrpt_2_2_linux.tar.gz (4 Mb)

  2. hrpt_2_2_macosx.dmg (5 Mb)

  3. hrpt_2_2_win32.exe (4.9 Mb)

The hrpt_manual.pdf describes how to install and use the software, and the Gallery shows examples of the software output rendered using the CoastWatch Utilities.  Version 2.2 contains the following improvements:


  1. Corrected errors in satellite earth location during the month of March in a leap year (2008, 2012, ...)

  2. Corrected erroneously flagged missing lines in the output of NOAA-18 data

  3. Added support for TeraScan CHRPT format ingest from FY-1D

  4. Corrected missing line data values in NetCDF output files

See the user manual for all the changes.

Note: If you find the HRPT software useful, please email and let us know.  The only way the software will keep being maintained is if there are users.

Acknowledgements: The software development and installation packages for the Terrenus HRPT Ingestor were made possible by the generous donation of licenses for JProfiler and install4j by ej-technologies.

Terrenus HRPT Ingestor
CoastWatch Data

The CoastWatch Utilities read CoastWatch HDF, CWF, and NOAA 1b AVHRR data.  To browse and order data, visit one of these CoastWatch sites:

  1. Central Operations

  2. East Coast

  3. Caribbean/Gulf Of Mexico

  4. Great Lakes

  5. West Coast

  6. Central Pacific

  7. CLASS archive


High Resolution Picture Transmission (HRPT) is a data format used by weather satellites to transmit digital data back to the earth. NOAA HRPT data format is fully documented in the NOAA KLM User’s Guide (see the HRPT System section).


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